This parody version of The New York Times was created by members of Jewish Voice for Peace New York (JVP NY) and Jews Say No! (JSN), two NYC organizations devoted to justice in Palestine and Israel. Our purpose is to point out the biases in current reporting on Israel and Palestine and to show what a paper that is fair and accurate could look like. As a leading source for news in the United States and the world, The New York Times has a responsibility to its readers to provide fair, balanced, and fact-based coverage. Our paper includes the context and facts too often missing from The New York Times and other mainstream U.S. media outlets.


Elly Bulkin, Nina Felshin, Donna Nevel, Rosalind Petchesky, Editors
Sarah Sills, Designer, Print Edition
Asa Diebolt, Designer, Online Edition
Gordon Beeferman, Brandon Davis, Candace Graff, Alan Levine, Aurora Levins Morales, Donna Nevel, Rosalind Petchesky, Ellen Ross, Lynne Lopez Salzedo, Carl Schieren, Irene Siegel, Pamela Sporn, Writers
Talia Baurer, Production, Online Edition
Dorothy Zellner, Copyeditor
Rona Merrill and Pamela Sporn, Videographers
Beth Miller and Donna Nevel, Media Team
Candace Graff and Jane Hirschmann, Distribution Coordinators

Jewish Voice for Peace-NYC and Jews Say No!
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